Clean water in a time of crisis

Water pump in Bangladesh refugee camp

Sumania's* sons Khairul*, 7 and Roiyan*, 4 use the water pump in Moinnarghona Refugee Camp in Bangladesh. 

Oxfam installed latrines and water pumps in the Moinnarghona Refugee camp to provide it's residents with a safe source of water. Sumania and her seven children now live just a short walk to both a latrine and a water pump.

"We are getting all kinds of benefits (from the water pump). We can drink water whenever we need to. We can add medicine to the water. We are feeling better that now we can take a shower anytime and drink safe water. The children can go and fetch water, we do not have to go far. It is more convenient."
"It makes me very happy that my children are getting better, they can wash their body, they can drink safe water from the pipe, too. We are happy."

Since August 2017, more than 600,000 refugees have fled violence, arriving in Bangladesh. Oxfam’s has reached nearly 180,000 people with clean drinking water, emergency toilets, water pumps and food rations. For families facing disaster or communities without a nearby supply, access to safe, clean water is life-saving. 

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(*Names have been changed).