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Want to avoid shopping malls, gift registries or the frustration of finding something for someone who already has everything? How about a way to get creative with your gift giving? Why not consider giving a gift from Oxfam Unwrapped?

Show a loved one how you really feel by getting them a goat, sheep, chicken or donkey. Send a buzzing beehive to a busy friend. Stand in solidarity with the world's women by giving the gift of tools, training or people power packs. Help a community withstand a disaster by giving radios, hygiene kits or emergency preparedness training.

If you want to make your gift giving a little extra special, join me and give a gift that will help to change someone's life. You can purchase it in minutes by going to:


When you give your gift, Oxfam Unwrapped will send a card (e-card or by mail) to a friend or relative to let them know you've made a gift in their name. You will also get a charitable tax receipt for the amount of your donation.

Happy shopping!