Using the Site

Select your gift

You can select your gift from the homepage by clicking on the name of the category in the left hand side bar or on the image in the homepage.

Order a Product

Once you get to the gift item page click "Purchase."

Order More Than One Product

If you would like to order more than one of the same product, enter the number you want in the Quantity box of the shopping cart page. Then click "Update."

If you would like to order various products, click "Continue Shopping" after entering the specific quantity that you want of each product. When you click "Continue Shopping" you will be taken back to the homepage.

For each product you select, the system will ask you how many cards you want to send, up to the quantity of the product you've indicated. For example, if you select a quantity of five goats to purchase, the system will allow you to select up to five cards, depending on the number of intended recipients. You will then have a chance to select the type of card you'd like to send for each of the number of cards you've selected.

After you edit your e-card, you can return to the shopping cart by clicking the "Next" button.

Removing a Gift from the Shopping Cart

If you change your mind before the check out, you can remove an item from your shopping cart by clicking "Remove."


After you select your gift and click "Purchase," you will be able to select the type of card you wish to send. Your choices include no card, a personalized PDF card to download, a print card to send yourself, a personalized print card to be sent on your behalf or a personalized electronic card.

Once you’ve selected the type of card, follow the instructions on the next page to personalize it and fill out the delivery information.

If you’ve selected to send more than one card, you’ll repeat this process for the quantity you’ve selected. Once you’ve finalized your card information, you will see a summary of the cards you’ve indicated for the quantity of the product you selected. To edit any of these, click “edit” beside the card image.

After you edit your cards, you can return to the shopping cart by clicking the “Continue Shopping” button.

Complete your Order

Once you have decided the types and quantities of products you want and have filled in all the card information, click "Check Out." This will take you to a screen where you can fill in your personal and payment details before completing the transaction. Click "Pay Now" and you will receive a summary confirming your order. Now click "Submit" to complete.

E-tax Receipt

After your order has been submitted and the transaction is complete, an e-tax receipt will be sent to you via email. Please allow some time for this process to be complete. The tax receipt will be sent in PDF format and will be attached to an email. To view it, double click on the attachment. From here it can be printed or saved for future reference

Due to Revenue Canada regulations we are only able to issue tax receipts in the name of the person who has purchased an Unwrapped gift.